Band Accessories
We carry all the band books for local schools and have an updated list from the teachers, so you can count on us to help you select the correct book.

Music Stands
Get your music off the bed! Improve your posture and playing enjoyment.

Ukulele Accessories

Ukulele Cases and Bags
We carry all sorts of storage for your ukulele from inexpensive gig bags to hard cases. Our inventory changes daily, so call for our inventory.

Ukulele Stands
We have all sorts of stands for your ukulele including floor models and those that connect to music stands. We also carry String Swings that nail to your wall and are a very convenient place to keep your uke.

Ukulele Straps
We have a variety of mandolin-style straps that hook into the sound hole, or straps that connect to the headstock and then to a button installed on the end of the uke. We can even install the button for you. We also care the Uke Leash, a clever multi-position support device.

Ukulele Capos
We carry an inexpensive Bill Russell capo, the popular Shubb Capo, the D’Addario Capo, Kala, and Ohana Capo.

A clip-on tuner is a great way to keep your uke in tune and to train your ear. A simple, effective tuner is the Snark for $18.95. We have Kala Tuners from $19.95-$24.95. You could also use a $4 pitch pipe if you are comfortable matching the pitch pipe tone to the ukulele tone.

Ukulele Care Kit Includes ukulele polish, polishing cloth, 2 foam applicator pads, fingerboard dressing, use and care instructions, $17.95

Cleaning Rag
Wiping off your ukulele after playing will help preserve the finish on the body and the fingerboard. We carry microfiber clothes for $7 or $8.

Lesson books and music
Although many resources exist on the Internet, if you want reliable, progressive instruction, pick up a lesson book and get started immediately. We have several good ones. Our music section features books of various styles and artists.