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We've Leased an Instrument--Now What?

Your lease instrument is in good working order when you lease it. Now, it is the player's responsibility to maintain the instrument.
1. Wipe off the instrument every time you play.
2. Woodwind players must have the inside swabbed after every play to keep moisture from the pads.
3. Clean the mouthpiece weekly.
4. Check the case occasionally to make certain the latches are functioning.
5. Brass players need to give their instrument a warm water bath every two or three months. Keep the valves out of the water, and use a snake to clean out the tubing.
6. Be careful with your instrument. These are delicate items that can dent, break, or get knocked out of adjustment quite easily. Never leave your instrument on your chair in band! Put it in your case, or on an instrument stand.

Has something gone wrong with your instrument? Bring it into the shop and we will do the maintenance adjustment! Don't continue to play an instrument that is not working correctly.