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'Ukulele Trio Workshops

Three nights of fun, inspiration, perspiration, and great information!

December 13,14,15 6:30-8pm each night

Fees: $25 for a single class, $65 for all three!

Tuesday, December 13, 'Ukulele with Neal Chin
Make a Song BIG!

Learn techniques and elements on how to make a song sound "big" on the 'ukulele. Dynamics, harmonization, and most importantly tension and release will be covered utilizing various right-hand and left-hand techniques. Basic chords, strumming, and picking will help you get the most out of this class. Come and join us to add more elements to your 'ukulele jam sessions!

Wednesday, December 14, U-Bass with Milo Fultz
Let’s Start Walkin’!

Milo will teach how to spice up your bass playing by using some tricks and shapes from walking bass lines. This will include easy to follow patterns you can plug into your favorite songs, and broad concepts you can use with all styles of music. This class is designed to accommodate all levels of 'uke bass players, so beginners and curious 'ukulele players are all welcome! Basses will be provided for the workshop by Pacific Winds/Ohana.

Thursday, December 15, Percussion with Merlin Showalter
How to Get Your Groove Going!

Merlin will help expand your rhythmic horizons. We'll learn new patterns to use for accompaniment in different styles and methods to create your own grooves! No prior experience is necessary. Percussion instruments provided.

** We know December is a busy time to try these workshops. We will need a minimum of 6 people registered each night to run the workshops. The last ones were a blast!
CALL 541-343-5660 to register.