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'Ukulele Trio Camp

'Ukulele Trio Camp: 'Ukulele, Percussion, & 'Ukulele Bass.
Neal Chin is back in town in August. He is joining up with two of his dynamic musician friends, Milo and Merlin, for a wonderful camp! Three nights of 'ukulele and more to broaden your musical boundaries. All three instructors will be at camp each night, although each night the emphasis will differ. Bring your 'ukulele each night.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Pacific Winds Music
August 16, 17, 18
$60 for camp
$25 for an individual class

Tuesday, August 16 6:30-8pm
Percussion emphasis with Merlin Showalter

Merlin will help expand your rhythmic horizons by taking your existing strumming patterns and translating them to various percussion instruments. We'll learn new patterns to use for accompaniment in different styles and methods to create your own grooves! No prior experience is necessary. Percussion instruments provided.

Wednesday, August 17 6:30-8pm
Making Your Own Bass Lines with Milo Fultz

Milo will teach how to start creating a bass line for a wide variety of songs by checking out the classics. He will be going over patterns and concepts that can help any budding 'uke bass player contribute to their group with a personal touch. Beginning 'uke bass players and curious 'ukulele players are all welcome and invited to come and play both 'ukulele and 'uke bass. Basses are provided for the workshop by Pacific Winds Music and Ohana Ukuleles.

Thursday, August 18 6:30-8pm
Right Hand Techniques with Neal Chin

Neal will teach you how to expand your 'ukulele playing with various right hand techniques. We will explore various rhythms and learn how to use your whole right hand to make your 'ukulele sound like five 'ukes! Basic strumming technique is required to optimally benefit from the workshop.

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