Tuneful Tales–Liz Hoffman

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Liz Hoffman, professional flute player and teacher, lives a music-filled life. She loves teaching out of the studio in the Pacific Winds Music office and enjoys being part of the energy of the store.

Liz started taking private flute lessons at age 10 to get ready for band in fifth grade. However, by the time band started, she was too advanced for fifth grade band and was placed in the sixth grade band. According to Liz, the sixth graders gave her quite a hard time because of that.

Chicago and St. Paul were the cities where she grew up, and played in school band programs throughout her school years. She also participated in the youth symphony programs during her school years. In 1995, she came to Eugene for graduate school, studying with Richard Trombley and earning both a Master of Music and Doctorate of Musical Arts from the UO.

Presently, Liz plays with a student/teacher flute trio, and flute/guitar duet and subs for the Eugene Symphony, Oregon Mozart Players, Corvallis Symphony, and OFAM. She has also played with the Asculta Woodwind Quintet. She loves playing chamber music. Some of her memorable playing experiences include her recital last March, auditioning for the Chicago Lyric Opera, and master classes with Walfrid Kujala and Donald Peck of the Chicago Symphony.

Liz is a busy teacher as she has about 25-30 students per week, ranging from a six year old to a woman in her 90s! She teaches flute students at Lane Community College. Area school band directors hire her to start their flute players and work with their flute sections throughout the year.   She has perfected the tricky art of getting new students to get their first sound on the flute!

Aside from music, Liz loves to grow plants, has two kittens, and is a dedicated knitter. She is married to Pat Dixon, a band and choral teacher in Crow. In the future, she will continue teaching and playing as much as possible. Music is her life, and has affected her in a very positive way.


Liz plays a Haynes all-sterling silver flute with B foot, open hole, inline G with a gold lip plate. It was made in the 1980’s and Liz is the second owner.

-Pat Knaus

Tuneful Tales is a monthly series that features stories about Eugene area music makers and shakers. Stay tuned as we bring you another memorable and musical tale!