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Ralph Shaw coming to Pacific Winds Music

He's a showman with a style inspired by British Music Hall and a witty raconteur with an infectious joy of performing. And as a gifted songwriter Ralph Shaw's songs bring characters and situations to life with brilliant word play. Whether he's singing about a village vicar, a brothel handyman or embodying an evil cat, his hilarious and sometimes tender songs thrill audiences with music and laughter. As well as traveling to entertain audiences at international festivals and ukulele clubs he also leads a monthly get-together of 140+ ukulele strummers in his home town of Vancouver, Canada. In 2013 he released two new albums called Love and Laughter.
Ralph's ukulele workshops are a tour de force, helping new and experienced players get to grips with their instrument and performance technique. With a catalog of five solo albums, 4 teaching DVDs and an acclaimed book, Ralph Shaw has played a crucial role in creating the current ukulele boom.