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Islander Guitalele with Acacia

If you are looking for a small guitar, you may want to consider this instrument.
The tuning of this wonderful instrument is “A D G C E A” or the same tuning as a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. The volume and resonance that projects from this instrument is phenomenal. Hear for yourself a new voice that is appealing to both the ‘ukulele and guitar aficionado.”
Laminate Acacia Body w/ Satin Finish
Rosewood Fretboard and Bridge
Mahogany neck
• Total length: 30.5″
• Body Length: 12″
• Body width/Upper bout/Lower bout: 6.75” 10.5”
• Body Depth at waist: 2-7/8”
• Fingerboard width at nut and 12th fret: 2” – 2 3/8”
• Scale length: 20 1/8”
• Tuners at widest span 4 1/4″

Islander Guitalele GL-6


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