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People are saying....

"Pacific Winds is not just a music store, but also a fun place to take ukulele lessons and meet other music enthusiasts. Highly recommended!"
Liz Rambo

"Pacific Winds is my music ohana. I've purchased 3 ukes from the store and other equipment. I also bring my friends to buy ukes too. Pacific Winds (no kaoi) you're the best! That's Hawaiian!
Yayoe Kuramtsu

"I just LOVE my ukulele lessons!"
Sherry Norman

" I've been doing business at Pacific Winds for all 29 years , and with Willie for nine years before that. They are the best for all instrumental needs! Happy Anniversary!
Jack Schlea

Hello Sarah's Parents,
Just a quick note to let you know how incredible the Pacific Winds music shop is. Today, Sarah was having trouble with her clarinet and I thought I could discover the problem. Well, I couldn't. Sarah and I went through a variety of things and couldn't figure out the difficulty.

I took it to Pacific Winds at lunch and they discovered the problem right away - a pad had fallen out. Seems so obvious but somehow both Sarah and I missed it. Within about 4 minutes they put in a new pad for her and didn't charge me (us) a penny. They just said "Don't worry about it Mr. Powell".

That's one of the reasons I support their establishment and do most of my business with them. They aren't always free, but with return customers they are willing to help out and sometimes bend the rules - or do a repair on the spot.

I just wanted to share that story and encourage you to support them whenever you need help with Sarah's horn, buying reeds, etc.

Many Thanks!
Mr. Powell
Musical Director Arts and Technology Academy & International High School Jazz Band