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Neal Chin coming on March 25

Styles of Hawai'i 'Ukulele Tour - Eugene Workshop and Concert

Saturday, March 25, 2017
5:30pm 7:00pm
Pacific Winds Music

Styles of Hawaii

In this workshop series, we will be celebrating the diverse music that has grown out of Hawaii. From early Hapa-Haole music to the Hawaiian Renaissance, the advent of the slide guitar to pop-reggae music; Hawaii’s music is diverse as it’s people.

In this workshop, we will be covering pop music from Hawaii in the 70s and the 90s. Build up your musical vocabulary with different strumming and picking techniques, musical concepts such as texture and dynamics, walk away with two new songs to practice. We will be celebrating the music of groups Ka’au Crater Boys and Cecilio and Kapono.

Skill: Advanced beginners - Intermediate
Basic strumming and picking technique required.

The workshop will be followed by a mini concert featuring both Neal Chin and Arden Fujiwara as soloists and as a duo.

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