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Excitement from the NAMM Trade Show

Willie and Pat visited lots of manufacturers, old and new at the show. We attended workshops, breakfasts, concerts, and ran into lots of friends.
Here are some of the highlights:
KAMAKA--100th anniversary. All ukuleles made this year, and this year ONLY, will have an inlaid plate that says "1916-2016". They are also making a special commemorative pineapple ukulele that will be a special order. They hope to make 100 of these, and the cost will be about $10,000. Kamaka will let us know when people can contact them directly to order. If you are interested, let us know and we will contact you immediately.
Special Artists played in their booth throughout the convention. There was a wonderful concert on Friday evening with Andrew Molina, Kris Fuchigami, Brittani Paiva, Jake Shimabukuro.

Magic Fluke We have ordered a Timber Bass and a Cricket Violin for the very first time. The bass in solid body and the violin is acoustic/electric. You will need to come by and give them a try.

This year Kanile'a is creating the world's first carbon neutral, forest friendly Hawaiian hardwood ukulele, the Maoli No. For each instrument sold, a koa trell along with an understory tree will be planted. The owner of the ukulele will be given an authentic Certificate of Planting that will list the exact set of geographical coordinates per tree. These plants an then be located using GPS tracking applications like Google Earth.
If you already own a Kanile'a, for a sponsorship of $100 a koa tree will be planted in a Hawaiian rainforest. You will have the opportunity to name the tree as well as tag the unique serial number of your instrument to the tree's location via an RFID chip during its planting. You can "visit: your tree online at any time via applications such as Google Earth.
We have ordered two new Kanile'a instruments and two Islander Basses. Come give them a play.

From our good friends a Ohana, we have ordered some fun new bags, a double tenor bag, and a few new instruments. We should have them shortly. Merlin Showalter was at the convention playing the Ohana Banjolele. I never realized what a wonderful percussion instrument it is! Some day we'll have him come give us a lesson!

From Takumi we are waiting for a beautiful Japanese built Koa instrument and a LoPrinzi Cherry tenor. Our store will be overflowing with wonderful instruments.

We saw our friends Craig Chee, Sarah Maisel, Milo Furtz, Merlin Showalter, Neal Chin, and the owners and builders of a variety of ukuleles. We are excited to present these new instruments and our new gained wisdom in the coming weeks.