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Our instruments are hand picked by our staff. In our Woodwinds/Brasswinds section, our two classically trained musicians go through everything to make sure that we have the best instruments in stock at their price point. We pride ourselves on listening to the private teachers in the community to help us make the decisions as to what is the best instrument to have in stock. Our used stock is also bought intelligently to ensure that only the highest quality brands are represented on our wall. Our selection of Ukuleles is also hand-picked and maintained. All of our Ukuleles are designed to stay in tune whilst they are being played from our cheapest all the way up to our handcrafted Hawaiian ones. Our selection of used guitars is similar to our used brasswinds and woodwinds. Our guitar technician handpicks every instrument, making sure that it is a high-quality instrument, then he completely overhauls it with a new bridge, strings, and polish making it play better than a new instrument. We want to better our community of musicians by supplying them with the best instruments we can.

New & Used Musical Instruments for Sale

Alexis is our Woodwinds expert. A specialist in all things Flute, Alexis has spent extensive time researching everything woodwind. She is determined to make sure that you get the best instrument for you that will also please your teacher. Whether you’re looking for an entry level Saxophone for band or a professional level Clarinet to go to college with, Alexis is always here to help you with all your woodwind needs.

James is our brasswinds expert. A specialist in all things Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, he ensures that all of our brass instruments are of the highest quality. He has gone around to many instructors in the area to make sure that they are satisfied with the instruments on our wall along with trying to secure new vendor relations to ensure that the quality of instruments in the area only goes up from where it is. James is very determined to make sure that you get the best instrument for you and is here to answer any questions you may have at any time.

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