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Our selection of used acoustic guitars are meticulously inspected and restored by our in-house guitar tech. Each guitar receives a fingerboard cleaning, conditioning, and fret polish. Any damaged frets are repaired and crowned, and all guitar necks are adjusted and reset to their manufacturer’s original relief and string action standards. Finish scratches are wet sanded and buffed out. Dents and dings on natural finishes are filled in using “drop fill” process, then wet sanded and buffed to a mirror finish. Some guitars receive saddle, nut, bridge pin, and tuner upgrades where applicable. We use quality bone nuts and fully compensated bone saddles in place of the more inexpensive plastic hardware commonly found on mid range acoustic guitars. Our goal here is to provide our customers entry level to mid-range guitars that play and respond like higher end models, all while keeping the prices at that of an entry level or mid range acoustic guitar.

Used Guitars and Guitar Repair

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We have one of the only in-house full-service guitar repair centers ready to fix your guitar and make it sound its best.